Add REST endpoint service to web map without web adaptor

10-29-2020 08:36 AM
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My organization is working on migrating to using Portal/Enterprise 10.8. Previously, all our web maps/apps were consumed in ArcGIS Online. Certain users had AGOL user types/roles that allowed them to edit data that references our REST endpoint feature service. Our current plan has been to migrate internal web apps/maps to Portal and have users edit "new" versions of these web maps referencing features services residing in the server we've federated with the Portal. As it turns out, due to license limitations, we can no longer furnish enough users with editing capabilities to continue the same workflows as we had previously.

Our idea was to create new web apps from javascript templates instead of using Web AppBuilder. This in theory would allow us to include references to the server directly, rather than going through the web adaptor. I'm trying to test this workflow by creating a blank web map in portal, and adding a service to it with a modified url that does not go through the web adaptor, but for life of me I can't get the layer to appear in the web map. i consistently get the "[layer] cannot be added to the map" error. According to ESRI's documentation, in order to reference a service without using the web adaptor, my url structure should be:

Is this idea even possible? Can I include services in a federated server itno a web map that doesn't route through the web adaptor?
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"No answer was the stern reply" after a year, so I suppose sadly that there is no REST interface to webmaps, which is what I wanted to do to get a thumbnail using all the nice formatting in the webmap by someone else.

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