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05-08-2019 11:05 AM
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Hello everyone,

I had 30 layers and added 3 more layers in a mxd and refreshed an existing map service. When I  add the map service in ArcGIS Online using "Add Layer Form Web"  to a new webmap lists 33 layers: https://domain/arcgis/rest/services/Projects/MapServer

The problem is that I have an existing webmap with 30 layers and I would like to add the 3 missing ones - 3 related tables.

How do I refresh the existing webmap adding new layers or in my case the 3 tables? Is there a way to refresh?

Simbology in WebMap has been customized, so I am trying to avoid removing and adding again the map service.


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Unfortunately, there is no simple way to refresh your existing map. The sublayers of a map service get written to the web map. Thus, subsequent changes to the map service are not reflected in the web map.

Having said that, there is an unsupported tool you can use to look at and manually edit the JSON of the web map definition.

If you compare your existing map with 30 layers to the one with 33 layers, you may be able to copy some of the JSON that defines the tables from one map to the other. While I've used this tool before, I've not tried your particular task. Note, again that this is an unsupported tool and if you make a mistake, you can break your map and there won't be a way to recover it. I'd suggest saving a copy of it and working on that map.

  1. Save a copy of your web map.
  2. Login to the ago assistant with your ArcGIS Online account
  3. Navigate to the folder containing your web map
  4. At the top of the page, select "I want to view an item's JSON"
  5. Select your web map in the list of items on the left. Upon doing so, there are 2 sections of JSON that you'll see. One defines the item details card, for example, the name of your web map, description, and tags. The second section of JSON is the actual definition of the web map. This is the section you can edit.

    By comparing your web map with 33 layers, you might be able to see the difference in JSON and copy that to your existing web map.


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Finally I am going to create a new map service with only the group of layers - 5 in total- affected by the relate.

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Thank you Mike,

I am currently checking this option. Also I am thinking about simply adding the new version of the map service in my WebMap and redo the customization.

Thank you for your advice.

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Be sure to vote this enhancement up on ArcGIS Ideas (this is a major limitation of AGOL right now). Cool that the idea is now Under Consideration!