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Add JSON dynamically to AGOL for use in dashboards

08-31-2023 08:42 PM
New Contributor III

I have some new data which is being shared via a website which allows you to access the data via JSON,XML or CSV downloads. 

This is live data which I would like present dynamically via AGOL using a dashboard.

Currently there is no geographically reference for the data points as the actual units are yet to be installed. See example below.

"channel": {
"id": 2219303,
"name": "NPP GHG Monitor 01",
"latitude": "0.0",
"longitude": "0.0",
"field1": "Temperature",
"field2": "Humidity",
"field3": "CO2",
"field4": "Methane",
"field5": "Soil moisture",
"field6": "Light (vis+IR)",
"field7": "Light (IR only)",
"field8": "Battery voltage",
"created_at": "2023-07-13T13:52:46Z",
"updated_at": "2023-07-14T08:21:27Z",
"last_entry_id": 4515
"feeds": [
"created_at": "2023-08-30T08:39:57Z",
"entry_id": 4416,
"field3": "273.7752380371094"
"created_at": "2023-08-30T08:55:20Z",
"entry_id": 4417,
"field3": "269.3650207519531"
"created_at": "2023-08-30T09:10:42Z",
"entry_id": 4418,
"field3": "280.1029968261719"
"created_at": "2023-08-30T09:26:05Z",
"entry_id": 4419,
"field3": "272.4008178710938"

However, I have done some reading and there might be other missing data such as "type": "FeatureCollection" and a reference to a geometry type.

So my question is, what is the most effective way to add this data to AGOL so that it updates dynamically? I have seen that is possible to add JSON data directly to AGOL but I currently get an error message which could be due to the above.

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