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Add Geotagged Photos And Include File Name

09-14-2023 03:21 PM
New Contributor

I have uploaded  a zip file to AGOL that contains geotagged photos as a hosted feature service.  When I view it in Map Viewer, I can click on a point and see the photo.  I would like to also see the name of the jpg file because it includes the date the photo was taken.  Is there a way to see the photo and the jpg file name?  Or is there a way to see the metadata of the photo that would also include the date taken?

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Esri Contributor

Hi Julie,

Try this:

1. Add a text field

2. Calculate it with the following Arcade expression:

var Attachment_name = Attachments($feature)




Inspired by the workflow found here:

How To: Add a Name for an Attachment to a Pop-up in ArcGIS Online (

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