Add field to hosted feature layer (replicated by Collector)

06-05-2019 12:55 PM
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I have a hosted feature layer that is "checked out" by various Organization users via Collector. I need to add a field to the layer's table, but it is not an option via AGOL, and if I try in ArcGIS Pro it fails. I'm guessing this is because other members have replica's created through Collector's offline map capability. Is there any way to update the table schema (just add a string field) without somehow un-replicating all the users and making all users go through a hassle of updating their Collector offline maps?

The new field isn't going to be used by the field crews, I just need it for some backend manipulation so adding the field won't impact offline maps/data collection.

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Hi Aaron,

I added a string field to an editable feature service that folks had downloaded in Collector on Friday via ArcGIS Online (on the Data tab of the details page, see screenshot). I had instructed my users not to use Collector that day in anticipation that it would break things, but two people forgot and the data actually synced just fine. They did need to re-download maps to pull in the updated field so I think that hassle is unavoidable, but you should at least be able to add the field via AGOL.

I will say that for some reason now this feature service isn't identifiable in Collector any more... I can collect just fine but when I tap on a feature it's details do not show up. I've checked the popups and recreated the map even. While I can't say for sure it's from adding the field, it's something I am currently troubleshooting. Works fine in Classic so that's a workaround for now.

Add Field via AGOL


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