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Add Field not available for feature layer

01-13-2021 06:32 AM
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Hi all,

We have a wish to add a field to a hosted feature layer, but the option does not appear in an ArcGIS Online web map or the item's Data or Field pages for this item. When attempting to add the field in ArcGIS Pro, it also fails, with error 000852 given.

The hosted feature service was created from publishing a Survey123 form. In order to handle repeats, it contains a 'parent' feature layer, several 'repeat' feature layers and a 'repeat' table. There have been a number of views created from this feature service for web map and ops dashboard purposes, but it is a layer in the original hosted feature service that the additional field is required for, i.e. not a copy or view. Given all of these existing views and the established link to a Survey123 form, I would be reluctant to create and publish a new feature service.

Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?

As I say, it is not a copy and nor does it have related tile layers, both of which are listed here as being restrictions to adding or deleting a field. I came across this post with a similar problem, but our situation is not connected to the Election Management solution mentioned.

Thanks for any insight.

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Hi @K_Rocks ,

The first thing that comes to mind when you can't see a button on AGOL is lack of permissions.

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Thanks for the reply. Neither the admin or dataset owner can add a field. The dataset has been in use for data collection by multiple organisation members since last summer and there has been no problem adding features or correcting entries, so it doesn't seem to be a permissions issue.

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Hi @K_Rocks (edit: and @UriGilad_EsriAu)  --

I am currently experiencing this. I am trying to add a field to a hosted Table. No relates, or parent layers, just a table. The table was not originally published with Survery123, but was then hooked into a Survey through Connect. I also have a View Layer established via an AGOL Join.

I'm an admin and the Table has editing enabled. I don't see the option I normally would to add a field directly in AGOL: 



So I tried in Pro 2.7 and got Error 000852: Cannot add field <value> to <value>  which mentions read only data or lock issues, but neither of those apply.

Here for any insight as well.

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Ran into a similar issue. I was able to add columns from the Map Viewer's Attribute Table (for simple data types), and also by using the arcgis.features.managers.FeatureLayerManager.add_to_definition() python function (for more advanced data types like GUIDs).

I could never get the "Add Field" button to appear, though.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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I assume the original poster may have resolved this issue or found a work-around by now, since it's a year and a half later.  I stumbled upon this thread because I had a similar problem.  In case it's helpful for the next folks, I found these resources which helped me diagnose the problem.

FAQ: What are the reasons fields cannot be added to a hosted feature layer on the ArcGIS Online Data...

BUG-000119730: In ArcGIS Online, after running the Join Features to.. (

In my case, the problem turned out to be the aforementioned bug.  Once you create a join on your hosted feature layer, the add data capability gets turned off.  I'm working around the problem by republishing the layer.  It might be possible to solve it by removing the join layers, but I haven't tested that approach.


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Had the same issue, just confirming that removing the join layers works as well. 

Thanks mate

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I found a different workaround (a potentially better one) for BUG-000119730 :

instead leaving 'Create results as hosted feature layer view' unchecked. I created a view layer of the original hosted layer containing the layer and table I would like to join, then I created a map of the view layer. I ran the Join Features tool in the new view layer map. The 'Add Field' option in the hosted feature layer is still available. 

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I think I'm having the same issue. So Scott, you had to still scrap the Join view layer you had and create a new one from the new view layer? I'm trying to avoid having to replace the join view layer across lots of maps, but looks like I have to start over and recreate that join view layer to be able to add fields to the hosted feature service? But at least it won't be a problem in the future? Am I understanding correctly?

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