Add Custom Image Symbols on ArcGIS Online Map

09-01-2020 10:55 AM
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How do I add a company logo in place of a symbol on a map?  I see where you can click on shape and customer image, but how do I get the image in the box where is says https://<image.URL>   I've tried adding the link of the logo from the company website but it will not load on the map.  I get an error  message "unable to load image."  What am I doing wrong?custom symbols 

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Esri Contributor

Hello! When adding a custom symbol you need for the url to be only of the image or logo you are trying to use. When on the company site, try to click on just the logo and see if you have an option to open the image in a new window. That url should be able to be used for a custom symbol. You can also check out this blog about using images as custom point symbols. 

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