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01-02-2019 03:41 AM
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when I produce a stream order vector layer. and when I want to select a line with stream order 3 (for instance) i found it splited  into more than one feature as illustrated bellow


what can i do to make it one feature, or what can i do to produce a not splited stram order layer ??


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How Dissolve (Data Management) works—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop 

dissolve on your gridcode field... you will lose the from-to node information in the process, so think about what you need before you complete the process

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Thank you Dan,

In fact I discovered a way to solve this problem, it is so easy and fast and accurate, and we will not lose any attributes,and we will keep every stream of a specific order isolated from each other even if there are in spatial touch.

this will save time and accuracy to person that has interest in this issue

Now I'm asking for advice

I want to publish this method, but how do I do that with the guarantee of intellectual property rights

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hmmmm I belong to the camp of 'share widely and let it be known'... if you want to commercialize it, that is a different story

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Till now I didn't decide what I should do but I'm sure that I want to share it widely

please kindly tell me more about 'share widely and let it be known'
or send me links.

and I want to know more about commercial story too 


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