3D Features Clipping with Basemap

04-09-2021 12:54 PM
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Hi everyone, I've been working with a local city bureau here in Portland to convert their 2D floorplan GIS features into a 3D web environment. I've been able to do this to some extent with scenes in ArcGIS Online. However one specific feature is very distorted. You can see the map at https://portlandcc.maps.arcgis.com/home/webscene/viewer.html?webscene=3c31d7d5e4c94a6b8b371ee1c7726b... . Search for "Chimney Park Portland" to see the building and with only Level_B_3D turned on (this is the basement layer) to see what I am talking about. Additionally, here is a picture of the building in the map viewer:


This is something many of the buildings did before I raised the elevation of the basement floor by 10 ft (with each level building off that height, so 20 ft for level 1, 30 ft for level 2, etc). This is the only feature that still clips, and boy does it! I don't really want to have to raise the floor elevation anymore than I have to, so does anyone have any advice on what is happening here? As far as I know, this park is pretty flat too, so I don't see why it should be clipping more than others.

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