Zoom to "My Location" when loaded for ArcGIS Online App Templates

12-23-2016 01:37 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Example user stories: 

  • As a human who is using an Esri template-based application in his smartphone web browser, I would like to have the application open with my location zoomed on the map so that I can proceed directly toward obtaining information I need without having to mess around with finding and tapping the "zoom to my location" control.
  • As an ArcGIS Online account holder who is configuring a template application, I would like to have configuration controls that would allow me to cause the app to zoom to a mobile device user's location when the user initializes the app.

If all ArcGIS Online template applications that can be reasonably used on mobile devices had consistently implemented and documented configuration controls that could enable the two user stories above, then that would be proper.

If this enhancement was first deployed to the Local Perspective app, then that would be quite nice.