Zone Lookup: Allow for disabling the "Use current location" search option

03-22-2021 01:22 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

We are trying to use Zone Lookup to support a workflow in which call center employees receive calls from the public in which the callers provide an address or parcel number.  Then the call center staff use the application to search using that address or parcel number, and determine what jurisdictions or districts the searched location falls within.  

At no point do the application's users have any need for searching using their current location.  For such cases, we would like to be able to disable the "Use current location" search option in order to minimize any potential confusion on the part of our users.

We envision this change could take form as a toggle in the Zone Lookup configuration settings (e.g. in the Seach settings under "Interactivity"), that - when disabled - prevents the "Use current location" search option from displaying in the Zone Lookup app and instead simply requires the user to search using one of the configured search sources.