Wrap Collector Hint Text

02-03-2020 10:44 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be great if the hint text wrapped to new lines. We often want to display a paragraph of text to the user so they can accurately fill out the attribute.

Additionally, it should also be visible for attributes with domains, and visible without having to click on the attribute.

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I second this. The way the hints are currently set up, they need to be very short if a user wants to be able to read them. If the hint is too long, the rest of the hint is cut off. There is no way to read the rest of the hint. Often times the hints need to be so short (maybe 30 characters or so) that you cannot actually provide sufficient information to be useful as a hint. In this sense, the hints are futile. 

In addition, the hints appear in place of the field name and the field name is no longer able to be seen. For example, a field is named "Surveyor" with the hint "Select your name". "Select your name" is what shows up in Collector. You cannot see "Surveyor". It would be preferred if the field name appeared like normal, then when a user selects the field to fill out the information, a section at the top of the drop-down option, or a pop-up, displays the field name along with the hint. It is important to be able to see both at once because, as a user becomes familiar with a form, they should not need to read the hint each time to figure out what field they are looking at. 

This feature is a great addition to Collector and it would be much appreciated if this feature was fixed and made useful. Thank you!