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Widget Functionality Standardization Across App Building Platforms

01-13-2022 01:04 PM
Status: Open
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Would it be possible for ESRI to take a look at its portfolio of app building platforms in ArcGIS Online (WAB, Experience Builder, Instant/Configurable Apps) and see where there are opportunities to standardize functionality that is included in one but missing in the others?  Here are a few examples:

- Add Data Widget: Available in WAB and even the standard map viewers, but not in Experience Builder or Instant/Configurable Apps.

- Sidebar/Feature Info Panel: Available in Experience Builder and Instant/Configurable Apps, but not in WAB.

I have what I would consider to be a relatively simple use case, and everything I need exists in at least one of the platforms.  However, because of the disparities among them, there is not a single one that meets my needs.  Thus, I am forced to host my apps outside of ArcGIS Online in order to use custom widgets.  This seems like a missed opportunity for ESRI.



You can take a look at the Experience Builder Roadmap posts, and you'll see that they're already well aware of the many users requesting some of the widgets in WAB and elsewhere. "Add Data" is on there, but no ETA yet, but the end goal is for EB to do everything WAB does and more.

As for WAB getting anything that EB has, I wouldn't hold my breath. WAB is sort of the previous-gen version of EB, and I would guess it will go the way of ArcMap once EB gets to full parity with the various widgets it's still missing.


Thanks.  Assuming your supposition in the 2nd paragraph is true, I hope they look at making EB a lot easier to use than it is in its current state.  If you compare ease of use between WAB and EB, there's really no comparison.  Yes, EB is more customizable, but it has a much steeper learning curve.


Hi @BrianD, yes I definitely support this idea, we are running into exactly the same issues.

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