While editing in Map Viewer in AGOL limit fields - equivalency with map viewer classic

09-14-2023 01:19 PM
Status: Already Offered
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In Map Viewer Classic the viewable fields in the pop up are the ONLY viewable fields when users edit the data. In Map Viewer the user gets ALL the fields when they edit the data - this is unnecessary and cumbersome for the user.

In appears that in in classic the viewable fields in an edit session are based on the pop-up, this does not appear to be the case in Map Viewer so we need another way to limit the fields available to the users while they are editing.


In MapViewer you can limit the visibility of fields or the editable fields via Smart Forms

Status changed to: Already Offered


As @JörgMoosmeiermentioned, if your map contains feature layers (hosted feature layers, hosted feature layer views, hosted table layers, subtype group layers, or ArcGIS Server feature layers), you can define forms that editors can use when they update field values for the feature layers in the web map. This also allows you to customize which fields are visible and editable.

Here's the related doc: Configure forms for attribute editing (Map Viewer)—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation


I believe that listing this idea's status at Already Offered is an error and incorrect. The functionality that @JohannaKraus2 is asking for is NOT fully implemented as it was in the Map Viewer Classic as the title suggests. While in the description @JohannaKraus2 is really only concerned with editable data, this is not implemented for non-editable data. For example, as of right now there does not appear to be a way to restrict fields for Joined View Layers, which require all fields to be included from both joined datasets. Also, if export is allowed, you cannot restrict what fields are exported. Therefore, I think this idea should be reclassified as Partially Implemented (or equivalent). Being able to restrict the fields of non-editable layers and table and for joined views is important for data security and quality.