When adding a new item, allow specification of more formats

12-16-2021 08:33 AM
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I am adding a raster in TIF format to my ArcGIS Online content. When asked to specify the type of content, "raster" (of any type) is not even an option. There used to be an "image collection" option but that seems to have disappeared. I ended up choosing "geodatabase" but this is not actually a geodatabase. The drop-down menu should be more inclusive of the types of content people may need to upload.

Also, we should be allowed to upload .7z files, not just .zip files.



Can you elaborate on what you're trying to do?

Here's a link to the documentation that lists the items that can be added to ArcGIS Online.


If your goal is to simply upload an image file and store it in ArcGIS Online, you can add any file on your device by dragging and dropping the file over the New Item dialog or clicking the option to upload from your device. You don't need to identify the file type beforehand. ArcGIS Online will identify it for you by its file extension, ask for clarification (e.g., what's in the ZIP file), or indicate file is not a supported type (e.g., 7z).


If your goal is to add image file for display as a layer in the map, then you need to add your image as an imagery layer. There are several ways to do that. Here's a link for more information.


Keep in mind that an if you want to publish an imagery layer and host it in ArcGIS Online, you'll need an ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online license.

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@MikeMinami I know how to upload items, thank you. I'm just trying to upload a zip file containing a TIF-format raster, so that others can access and download it. But it's making me specify the item type when I do so, and the item type I have is not an option in the drop-down menu, so I have to tell it it's something that it's not, which is annoying.

As I wrote in the original post, "image collection" used to be an option but now that is gone. "Image file" is also not an option, even though it is in that list of "Items you add to ArcGIS Online" you referred me to.

As a matter of fact it's not accepting my upload at all, period, right now. So that's even worse than it being labelled as the wrong file type.





So to upload a zipped TIF, I learned by a colleague's trial and error that you have to specify "photos with locations", which is truly terrible wording. My raster is not a photo. Also, to me, "photos with locations" does not imply orthorectified imagery or any other kind of GIS raster, but rather, actual photos of things (like a plant or a tree or scenic view) that are tied to locations.

ESRI, please fix this wording to avoid confusion. Put "raster" in the drop-down menu.



After some investigation, you are right. Image Collection has been removed as an option when adding a ZIP file in ArcGIS Online in the most recent update. This type typically serves as the source data for publishing an imagery layer in the Enterprise version. Publishing from an image collection isn't supported in Online. 

However, the options to add a ZIP file of this type has exist previously, and customers like you used this type to store a collection of images not intended to be used to create an image layer. As a workaround, you can alternatly identify your zip file as "Photos with location" and NOT choose the option to also create a hosted feature layer. 



Sorry for my confusion.





@MikeMinami As I detailed in my previous post, I would urge ESRI to use less confusing wording. The term "photos with locations" is completely misleading. My colleagues agree. It would make sense to have an option that simply says, "raster".

All photos are rasters, but not all rasters are photos. Exactly NONE of the rasters I have produced and shared over the past 15 years have been photos. And I produce LOTS of rasters.