WFS show only features in visible extent

10-21-2016 06:35 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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When adding WFS (OGC-format) in a webmap it tries to render all objects in the layer and if it is more than the maximum it will not show all records. Official layers often contains many thousands of records and this makes it cumbersome to use WFS in a webmap at all.

An idea would be to enable a checkbox (WFC-OGC alternatives) that states "Only show records in visible extent" and create a bounding box (bbox) with the actual visible extent of the webmap


Johan, this behavior will be implemented in ArcGIS Pro; I don't have a ship date but can say it is under way.


Bruce, do you know if this same functionality is going to be implemented in ArcGIS Online? As a kiwi you'll recognise the issues using LINZ Data Service WFS layers in AGOL. We'd like to use the LDS Land Parcels but it's impossible at the moment without a bounding box of the visibile extent being passed to limit the data.


Has there been any progress with this capability in ArcGIS online web maps?


Thanks @KoryKramer - am I missing something or can this only be set as static BBOX in snapshot mode. Ie it doesn't move to match your current view window.