WFS Bounding Box (BBOX) parameter

04-06-2021 03:58 AM
Status: Open
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I propose a Bounding Box (BBOX) parameter for WFS-layers so all layers loaded are cut to the specified extent.

As a GIS teacher for > 30 years, I've started introducing the capabilities of ArcGIS Online (AGOL) to my landscape architecht students  (60 per year). If they could pre-load WFS data subsets themselves before going to the field using AGOL, only, this environment would work great to them. Currently, when missing this option, I have to provide extracts for them on parcel info, environmental data and much more available from Danish authorities in ArcGIS Pro where the BBOX parameter (being an OGC standard) works fine for WFS-layers.

This request has already been filed by the Danish Esri distributor GeoInfo .(

Kind regards, Thomas


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Has this been solved?


Yes,- it seems to work in the new online map viewer. I tested the functionality in May 2023.

Regards, Thomas


Hi Thomas,

I tried today but still have the same outcome..... Does one need to add anything to make it work?

if I add a parament called bbox with some valid values it works, but obviously not dynamic. ArcGIS does not add the bbox as a standard parameter. Also notice that with every pad and zoom,  it does not trigger a new request. 

Thank you