Web Maps: configurable pop-up conditional formatting

05-02-2016 09:13 AM
Status: Open
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For AGOL web maps, I think there should be the ability to conditionally format text when creating a configurable pop-up. The user would select unique values from an attribute field and then format them accordingly. For example:

This is a very simple example of how conditional formatting could be applied. However, even at this basic level, the text color of the {Type_R} attribute matches the symbology color scheme displayed on the map. I beleive this helps the user make a connection between the text in the pop-up and the colors on the map.

Another Scenario from the realted idea:
Have the ability to not show the text if the field does not have data. For example, if I have a Farmers Market dataset that I want to show links to their websites in a popup.  If 9 out of the 10 have information in the websites field, I'd like to only show the field when it has information in it.  The one that doesn't have a website, I'd like to hide the website field and not display it in the popup window.


Great idea! Especially hiding attributes with no values would be highly useful.


I was just about to add this idea (hiding field if null/empty). Agree 100%. I'd also like the ability to hide a numeric field if a specific value is found.


I am interested in the above topic "Conditionally format text when creating a configurable pop-up". I am noticed its under review by ESRI. I am wondering if there is any update on when this configuration maybe available? or is there a sample-code that can be used now?


HI Vanessa,

Components of this idea are available using Arcade Expressions. Check out this blog for workflow details:




This only gets you part of the way now, but it is better than nothing.