Web App Builder should honour custom web map popup formatting

01-10-2017 05:53 AM
Status: Open
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I've been informed by ESRI support that the line spacing of pop-ups in Web App Builder is hard coded. This means that line spacing in web map popups configured using the custom formatting option will not be represented in any web apps that reference it:

Web MapWeb App

The code that defines the line spacing can be over ridden when using Web App Builder Developer Edition, but one of the key benefits to using the AGOL platform is to avoid having to maintain any custom code.

My request is to ensure all facets of the Web Map custom pop-up editor are honoured in the web app builder.

(I reported this as a bug to ESRI UK support CAS-24205-X7W3J0, but was informed it needed to be raised as an idea, so here it is!)


Yeah, I've never really liked how the WAB popups changes the formatting from how they look in ArcGIS Online.  If I remember correctly, it makes some of the text bold, and adds black outlines to the html table.  I'm referring to the standard ArcGIS Online popups, not custom ones.


Yes, you are right. Given there is no facility for popup configuration in WAB, it is really important that the appearance you design in the web map remains consistent.

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