Warning dialog when multiple users are simultaneously editing a group shared story map.

01-23-2018 08:12 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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AGOL groups are very helpful in collaborative projects for team members that do not share an office. One problem however is that there are no safeguards in place to prevent simultaneous editing of story maps, which results in one member's changes overwriting another's.

I will share an example of this problem. One of our group members began  an edit session and had to step away from his desk for a while. Sometime after this, another group member signed on and began to make substantial changes to the story map content. They completed their work and saved it. The first group member comes back after this and makes his changes. Since he was the first editor, however, his story map is cached and only has the original version of the story map that did not contain the edits the second group member had made. Once he made his changes, he saved the story map, and all of the edits that the second group member had made were lost. 

The ideal solution would be to have a popup show up warning that another user is currently editing the story map. In this case, that would have informed the second group member that there was already an active edit session. Since there is no way to have simultaneous editors that do not overwrite each other's changes, then the story map should only be allowed one editing session at a time. 

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I agree. In my group, we're writing a note on the cover page that says "Emily is editing right now." or something. We also schedule times when we're going to be working. Story maps should only be allowed one editing session at a time to prevent overwriting.