WAB Url Parameter for widget visibility

08-08-2019 08:42 AM
Status: Open
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It would be useful to have a url parameter for Web AppBuilder whereby you could specify which panel widget to show by default. Like 'layer list' or legend or basemap or filter, etc....

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by Anonymous User

Ahhh this would be so, so useful. Then Robert's eSearch would work with Export URL for me!  Originally I had my site have eSearch open by default but I was then requested to have it closed. Which therefore diminishes the ability to use Export to URL at least in that you must ask users to open the widget, to then see the result.  

This would be extremely useful. Additionally if Query could save results to URL (like Robert's eSearch or the Share Widget) as a URL parameter, that would be extremely useful.  Simply send someone a URL, and it would open up the result of a Query and/or Filter.  For example, send someone a URL that opens up to "123 Main St" by querying address in the Parcel or Street layer. Or for example a SQL-style query from Query which would open up and display the results, all from the URL via URL parameter.

Jianxia Song