WAB Query Widget - Allow query result layer naming by end user

06-12-2018 11:42 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
Not applicable

When configuring the widget to "Create a new layer every time the query is executed", the new layer that appears in the Layer List will be named by default using the name of the query, followed by _Query result

It would be great to add an option that would enable users to create a new name of his or her choice for the new query layer. In this way, if the end user creates multiple query layers, it will be easier to identify the different layers for his or her different queries.

by Anonymous User

This has been implemented!! Thank you ArcGIS Team!!  Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS


Alix, Yes it's great that this is available, and I've enjoyed using it! But Esri should disable voting and announce prominently at the top of the page that it's been implemented.