WAB - Make Group Filter same expressions as Filter

02-07-2018 10:46 AM
Status: Open
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In Web App Builder, it is frustrating the Group Filter widget does not have the same expression capabilities as the Filter widget. Please make the same or at least support the same capabilities. 

The filter widget operators appears to be context specific to field data types where as the Group Filter seems to be applying a generic set of operators. 

For example for dates there is no "is between" expression in Group Filter which exists in Filter. So if there are a number of layers which need to be filtered by a date range & unique value it is impossible unless you add multiple Filter widget which confused the end-user and results in a bad user experience.

Other examples for string fields include "is blank" or "is not blank" 

Group Filter operators'

Date (between)

string (is blank or is not blank)

Thanks for this consideration

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I completely agree with Ronnie,

The "Filter" tool is a great tool and Esri has done a good job of responding to change requests on that tool.  This one seems to be getting left behind.

That said, it seems like there are two choices for Esri on this:

#1 - concatenate the functionality of the Group Filter widget into the Filter widget.  The Filter widget could have an option to affect one or many layers.  Esri could then deprecate the Group Filter - although I suppose it would need to remain in place in order to have backwards compatibility.

#2 - update the Group Filter widget to act a lot more like the Filter widget and have a consistent interface and filtering operators.  In addition to the operators Ronnie listed above, the new "is any of" on the Filter Widget is a must. I was so hoping that would show up in the September release.  

Once again, though Esri...the Web AppBuilder is an incredible tool.  Thank you all for being so open to new ideas for improvements.