Viewing whole map while offline - Collector for ArcGIS

10-28-2019 10:07 AM
Status: Open
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I was recently working in the field with Collector for ArcGIS, I had a number of offline maps representing portions of a larger area saved to my ipad but realized I was not able to view the whole area at one point when it would have been useful because I had saved offline maps. Even if I had an internet connection, I would still not be able to view the whole map.

I also noticed that it was hard to quickly decipher which map represented an area without flipping back and forth, as there is no way to re-name an offline area, and no larger reference area as mentioned above.

It would be great to have a reference map with color coded polygons similar to the setup when managing offline areas in ArcGIS online, in the collector app

by Esri Regular Contributor

Thanks for the feedback, Katie. 

Just to check... are you using areas that were defined as part of authoring the map, or are they areas that you defined in Collector? You can rename areas that you define in Collector (but not those prepared for you) - after downloading the area you define, use the overflow menu (...) and tap Rename Area.


Hi Kylie,

I did not notice the rename option - thanks!


Using the Collector, we can view a web map and query points.   We can download a map from the webmap for offline use.  However, after we download an offline area, we can no longer visit the original webmap to query points again.  We can only go back to the main map if we try to create a new offline area.   Why can we not re-visit the main map and query points after we create a map for offline use?  Is there a work around as this seems to be a major limitation????