Using images as custom point symbols with Map Viewer

08-17-2021 04:22 PM
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It would be great if we could link to custom symbology in Map Viewer (not classic).  While a larger library would be very helpful, and please keep expanding the symbol library.  Sometimes a custom symbol is really the only was to go.  See link below for details.

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Using images as custom point symbols (Map Viewer Classic)

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Have you tried publishing a web style with those picture symbols and use those in the Map Viewer?


Hi Russell,

  Thank you, the article looks great, I will test it out.  Is there a limit to how many picture symbols I can upload and share?  For example can I upload 1000 and share with the organization?  Or is there a way to share universally similarly to the way the living atlas can share layers across organizations?  I would love to get ahold of something like John Nelson's custom symbology styles.

Before I dive too deep, I have seen a warning that "New symbols are not compatible with all apps"  Is there a list of which apps can use the new symbols?  I would guess Experience Builder because it is also on js 4.x.  What about Field Maps? Custom basemaps for survey123? Storymaps?  Dashboards? Webapps?




Hi @RussRoberts great blog post. I have the same question as the poster at the end of the blog... can these also be published to Enterprise Portal 10.8.1+? I was able to publish the style to Portal as an item, but when looking at the settings for Web styles, I only see settings for Scene Viewer.


Thank you!


I am not sure about runtime app support at their latest release but can check. Survey123 or Field Maps in this case.

All 4.x based ones like experience builder will support these styles. The new storymaps and Dashboards will also support these. Other 4.x can be found here:

I don't think there is a limit on the number you can have within a style. The biggest thing is we do not have a current setup to filter so navigating 1000 symbols in a style could be a lot. This filtering/search experience is something we are planning for later releases but probably not for 2021. We also want to introduce that living atlas like experience where you can easily discover and use new styles that esri or others want to create and share through the Map Viewer styler which is also planned for a later release.

For Enterprise the Web Style setting for 2D symbol sets will be exposed in 10.9.1 with the New Map Viewer being included in the install and not being a beta separate install.


LMK if you have any other comments and questions.


Thank you Russel.  The future living atlas like experience will be wonderful.  I can find one off symbology, I am by no means a graphic designer so I will love to leverage others curated symbols in a future release.