Use Current Date to filter future events in ArcGIS Online

07-27-2016 07:20 AM
Status: Open
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The June 2016 update to ArcGIS Online now allows for filters to be created using the current date.  While this is useful, it only allows users to query by events in the past, using options like "In the last x days" or "not in the last x days".

What would be really useful is the same functionality for future events - something similar, like "in the next x days" or "not in the next x days"

We use ArcGIS Online to allow users to view information about construction sites, and it would be nice for them to be able to see construction projects that will begin in the next few days for planning purposes.


It is also relevant to show future store openings from a retail perspective.


This is a great idea, and I voted for it.  In the meantime, you might be able to use this as a workaround ... 



I have a Closure map with a start date/time and end date/time

I want to only show things between the two date/time fields

Current date between field A and field B

I have planned events I only want to show the next week or months schedule.

is on/before NOW/Today +/- # minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years
is on/after NOW/Today +/- # minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years

in the Next # minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years
not in the Next # minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years

is between NOW/Today +/- # minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years and NOW/Today +/- # minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years
is not between NOW/Today +/- # minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years and NOW/Today +/- # minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years


Would be useful to flag which permits will expire within 30/60/90 days.


Agreed, these are much needed filters when dealing with work orders and capital projects. It would be helpful if Esri had a consistent approach to temporal input/query/filter/time-slider configuration across the products (desktop/pro, AGOL/Portal, WAB, field collection). 

WAB Filter: Web App Builder - Date Filter clauses should be same as in Web App Viewer 

Gantt Chart: Interactive Gantt Chart (Desktop/Pro/WAB) 

Also: Filter options for dates in arcgis online features 


It would also be useful to include within this month or current month, similar to the gauge configuration option in operations dashboard where we have the option to set the date for this month/day/year. We need to see monthly progress versus progress in the last x days/month/year. 


I have a fairly complex ask, but it is tied to this.  I would get a long ways if I could set date filters like 'Next 7 Days', 'Next 30 Days', etc.  Bonus would be 'Next Weekend'.  I am looking to filter data related to special events and road closures.  Bonus Bonus - user driven queries that filter multiple layers (I understand that the 'Group Filter' widget already exists, but the filtering options just aren't there for working with custom date ranges).  For example, user selects 'Next 7 Days' and the special events layer and the construction layer both filter.  WOW! That would be awesome.

At this point,  I will probably have to go the way of a custom Widget but it would be great to get some of this functionality out of the box.

WAB gets better and better over time!  Keep up the great work.


I'm wanting to be able to filter based on upcoming dates.  For example In the next 7 days.

I have park mowers who are going to use Collector to view their work schedule and update areas they have mown.  It would be great to be able to filter to the areas that have a due date in the next seven days.


I know this idea is a bit stale but it does not look like it has been implemented. Vote +1!!

I have an active wildfire evacuation zone that needs to coincide with published reports - Evac zone x is being changed to 'set' this evening at 1800. My evacuation zones have start/stop times so I need to apply a filter of visible = 'yes' and (start < now < stop) 

I cannot have the other zones being selectable vis using the arcade expression on symbology as there are multiple features with old/current/new status and I am not interested in fielding the questions of the multiple popups or attempting to ensure the active one is what pops up first.

Similarly doing the dynamic json edit found in is problematic as well from an organizational perspective. If someone comes behind me and doesn't read the notes then everything gets hosed again.

 Is anything on the dev radar to correct this once and for all? Or have I missed an update somewhere?




Back again, still hoping for a solution for this!