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Use attachments and text fields in Story Maps

09-24-2015 03:54 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

A simple way to make a Story Map in ArcGIS Online based on a featureclass with attachments and a description field.

Present: My field workers have added pictures and descriptions to a featureclass, and now i would like to make a storymap with the data. The way to do it now is to copy+paste the text into the sections in the sidepanel one by one. And I must afterwards add URLs for the pictures one by one.

Future: Ability to configure the side panel in the Story Map template, so I can use existing text from a field in the map featureclass and also the existing attachments in the featureclass. Set it up once and it automatically makes sections for the objects.

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This would make workflows transferring existing data to the story-telling format a lot easier. A lot of the data we have that could be used in a story already has a lot of the descriptions and photos as attachments and fields, or if they don't it's simple to set them up in desktop and push them to a hosted layer online, but having to then manually transfer these to a story map is a tedious workflow, particularly for data that gets updated frequently.