Upload Custom Widgets To ArcGIS Online

03-31-2017 07:50 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Currently, if we develop a custom widget using the Developer Edition of ArcGIS Web App Builder we have to go through this process to deploy the application with the widget inside it.  It would be great if we could just upload individual custom widgets to our ArcGIS Online like how you upload data.  These custom widgets are small folders that usually have a config file that could be used to configure the widget for any application that would access it in ArcGIS Online.


Any further progress on this?



   If I may I would like to add to this idea. Currently, you can host custom widgets in ArcGIS Enterprise Portal. It would be wicked cool if custom widgets could be passed through Distributed Collaboration to ArcGIS Online. That way an organization could control which custom widgets are internal and which are passed through to the public utilizing ArcGIS Online. It would be awesome. Thank you for everything and have a delightful day.


Joe Guzi


I would vote this one up if you submit it...


This would be a great capability.  Unfortunately I spent the last week building a very useful custom widget but now I realize that it can't be used since we deliver everything through ArcGIS Online. 


This functionality would be very useful.  If ESRI doesn't want to allow users to host custom widgets, why don't they expand their standard list of widgets so users don't have to?   


This essential WAB developer functionality.

I’d love to be able to sell my custom widgets and be able to support both ArcGIS OnPrem and ArcGIS Online releases.


I would speak for myself as an author of custom widgets and say this would be huge for Esri. I also say at least unofficially at my new role as technical manager at EagleView, I'm sure EagleView-Pictometry would love to see this. I imagine other big Esri partners would love this integration as well. We have had several counties ask if they can use our Pictometry for WebApp Builder on their AGOL.  They do not have Portal or WAB Dev Ed.  Nor will they.  Portal and Dev are beyond most smaller counties but AGOL is perfect for them. I've met dozens of counties now that do not have their own ArcGIS Server, but they do have AGOL, and.. they love it!  Hub, StoryMaps, WebApp Builder, Exp Builder, they love it. They would love to be able to use the Pictometry widget and Robert's widgets on their AGOL WAB and Experience Builder apps. 

The security concern over malicious code is for sure valid, probably more every year. I would imagine there could be a way to sandbox the code or otherwise validate and secure it and the effort would be worth it for the huge boost in functionality for Esri and partner customers.