Updating Data from ArcGIS Pro

04-26-2019 06:13 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

      Whenever I want to update either an MMPX, Web Map, or anything else i make in ArcGIS Pro it is a simplistic process when I Own the information because i can select were to save my data as long as i remember to select the Exact Same Name, Folder, and Sharing Preferences. Yet, when I am part of a shared group with editing rights where i can update another persons documents, i must create the data in my computer with the Same Name, then locate the group, select the item i wish to update, brows for the item on my computer and then i can update it. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a file selection button (Open folder) next to the Name input that will allow us to go through our portal and groups with editing capabilities and select the file we wish to update and override (as long as its the same type of data) so that we not only get the name correct but the folder location and shared settings previously used. This would help prevent errors such as:

  • Typing a name wrong
  • Not selecting the correct folder
  • Not selecting the proper sharing options

Which can lead to:

  • Duplicated data with an Outdated Version left lingering
  • Shared Group Data not being connected to previously downloaded data as in the case of MMPK's on Explorer
  • Access permissions being changed on all Maps and Apps where the data is used