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08-08-2017 11:18 AM
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AGOL should allow update functionality of Hosted Feature Service Layers that were created with Excel sheets.

Currenlty, if you upload an Excel or CSV, geocode it, and turn it into a Hosted Feature Service Layer, you can update the sheet itself with the UPDATE button, but the Hosted Feature Service Layer does not change.

So, if you have a common workflow around a shared layer of store sites, etc, that are updated, you have to do it by hand in Hosted Layer, or make "yearly" or "version-ed" layers from continually uploading new Excel sheets.

This latter workflow means that all maps that you want to show the "stores" or whatever in have to be re-setup with the new data.


I know you can do "update" from desktop, but we are an all AGOL/BAO shop.  Seems like a glaring missing piece, really.  I thought it was demo'd at UC last year, but that must have been from desktop only.  Meanwhile, this year, the big demo was for tiles made from a layer auto-sensing a change in the underlying layer and tripping an update of the tiles.  So, clearly ESRI knows this workflow is common, and should wish to automate it.

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 Have you contacted ESRI Support about this? I'm curious if they consider this a feature. It is frustrating that the Update feature will update shapefiles/file geodatabases but not other datasets. 

These bugs might be related: 
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