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Turn lighting off for 3D models in ArcGIS Online scene viewer

08-14-2020 04:08 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

A button in ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer menu to turn the lighting off completely.

When a photogrammetry model is loaded into ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer the lighting lights up the triangles of the model making it look less appealing.

Here is a image of a 3D model loaded into ArcGIS Pro with the lighting turned off.

An here is a image of the same model loaded into ArcGIS Online Scene viewer as a scene layer.

As you can see the the triangles of the mesh are visible.

I am aware that the shadows can be turned off but the lighting still effects the map and the triangles of the mesh are still visible. 

It would be nice if there was a button in the ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer that would turn the lighting off completely, as is done in ArcGIS Pro. 

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This feature is definitely needed and hopefully Esri can implement it as soon as possible.