Top xx table infographic for BA report

02-23-2018 12:17 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

On the infographic report it would be useful to be able to setup a table which allows you to show the top xxx of a dataset based on a sort criteria.

At the moment, you appear to have the capability to either aggregate variables or manually setup however we are looking to create a graphic to show the top few sites contributing to overall targets.

Apologies it this is already feasible and we have just missed it through the online interface.


Hi Simon, 

Thank you for entering this idea. So that I can help you effectively, could you clarify:

1. What kind of dataset you are thinking of using in the table? Is it points data or polygonal data? Could you provide some examples or samples?

2. How is the sort criteria built? Is it by distance or a particular data attribute or something else? Again, some examples will be very helpful.

Any more information on the use case and examples will be great. If you prefer to send it in email, that works too. 




On this particular example

1) Points or polygons representing sites within a wider geography

2) Sort criteria would be based on a specific data attribute.

Basically, we are creating a output performance report based on different levels of geography.

Infographics are being used to summarise the overall output however the request is to show the top contributors.

It would be good if there were some options on how to best present this (could you scale the large contributors,etc).

The table would though need to show both the output and site name (not sure if you can setup a text field as a variable)

This is only one example though. I think providing flexibility on the sort criteria would provide options to then use for a range of reports (i.e. calculated attributes)


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the additional details. So basically, for example, in a state you want to see a table of top performing cities. It is not fully clear what output you are trying to produce but seems like suitability analysis or comparison reports but might be more helpful for this use case. Infographics are run for one site at a time but seems like you want output based on multiple sites in a table.