Toggle tab visibility in Operations Dashboard

01-06-2021 02:39 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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I would love the option to be able to hide charts or tabs in Dashboard without deleting the item.  Sometimes there is data processing errors on some data or your might like to develop a new chart or graph and save it without showing it yet.


I work with @Anonymous User and this would be a nice capability when data sources are unstable or incorrect and simply "hiding" a Dashboard element (or group of elements) would be preferable to displaying incorrect or no data at all.  (e.g. a nightly SQL stored procedure fails and the resulting data feeding a dashboard element are incorrect).  Currently the only way to hide/obscure an element is to delete it entirely, requiring it to be completely recreated and reconfigured later.  Using Experience builder, a workaround would be to make a copy of the Dashboard, delete the elements to be hidden, then temporarily place the copy of the Dashboard in Experience builder, but this can quickly become messy.  Thanks


I would love this capability as well, for very similar reasons. 


This should be highly considerate to add.