Timestamp changes to Feature services.

02-13-2018 11:43 AM
Status: Open
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It would be great if I could record changes to features.

Example1: Status field changes, if I have multiple status's of a feature, planned, in progress, complete. I would like to be able to record a timestamp of when each entered that status without having to add another date field to record each status. Also if you could then connect these timestamps to the date slider to show progress through stages of a project.

see attachment, the idea is the map would progress through the status changes via timestamps to show the history of the project.

Example2: Field history, I would like to record what any field has in it and each change made, if someone changes a field I would like to be able to see what it used to have in the field and what it currently has in the field with a timestamp of changes. This would allow me to roll back if needed and to keep an eye on what changes got made not just when a feature was last edited. This would allow us to track changes much better and more detailed than just last edited and created dates.

Basically a change-log. This would also allow us to be able to report from features better.


Damon Eisenach‌ This functionality is offered through the archive class.

Please read through Working directly with the archive class—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS Desktop to see if that addresses the need.  What is being requested is data management that is implemented at the database level, rather than the client/viewer (in this case ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro).

Hope this helps.


That appears to be for ArcGIS desktop, I need this for ArcGIS online features.


Thanks, Damon.