Time zone toggle in ArcGIS Pro

11-16-2018 09:40 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

If this older idea cannot be implemented: Option to not use UTC time offset in ArcGIS Online 

Could we instead have the option to set ArcGIS Pro to display time in UTC, rather than in the local time zone of the machine it is running on?

The use case that prompts this request is as follows: an organization has some users with Pro, and many more users who only use ArcGIS Online. These AGOL-only users sometimes create new hosted feature services with time fields. It is not feasible for them to publish these feature services from Pro or ArcMap (which I understand would allow them to  associate the local time zone with these feature services). However, when Pro users then interact with those feature services in Pro, time is displayed in the local time; similarly, if Pro users add features, those features' time attributes are added in local time and so display the "wrong" time in AGOL.

As we are trying to use AGOL + Pro for event management, the four/five hour difference between UTC (displayed on AGOL) and Eastern Time (displayed in Pro) is a potential cause for major confusion. It doesn't matter much to us whether the data is actually stored in UTC or not, but it matters that everyone working on this data see the same event occurring at the same hour, regardless of whether they view it via Pro or via AGOL.