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Time of day filter for Dashboard

05-06-2022 11:27 AM
Status: Open
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We have built a Vehicular Crash dashboard for our two county region, The crash data includes the time of day of a crash. Being able to select crashes that occurred within a given time period of the day such as early morning or night time is part of crash analysis. Date range is available but TOD is not.

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What is the idea part of the idea?  Time?

It should be there. Check your settings were you publish from and a web map, if any, you build the dashboard from to make sure it is not set to only show the Date.


I created a case with Esri support and they said the ability to filter records on a time of day range is not possible at this time.. For instance, how many crashes occurred between 5 am and 7 am for the five year record set?


Have you tried building Arcade filters using the date functions and indicators. It may not be a selectable filter but one that automatically filters showing how many crashes this day in AM and/or PM? 

This may be a good workaround for your solution if there is not a built in range selector. You can select date still but your Arcade programmed indicator would do the time of day filtering on the backend.

Hope this helps, great use case!

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I get it now.

Two possibilities

Create a Web Map with a time slider and embed the Web Map in your Dashboard

Or configure the date selector to pick a range by day and time





Thank you Jansen for the Arcade suggestion and Robert for the Time Slider , I will review those. My dashboard currently has the built in Date selector which also includes the time variable however it filters date 1st, then time so the result is would like do not come out.

 As I mentioned, I wanted the user to be able to filter on early morning or night time crash history.




We are working om a dashboard for public transport data. The data in the dashboard is GTFS-data for two different timeperiods. One week in 2022, one in 2023. We have prepared data so that for each stop we have date-fields showing the time for the first and the last travel from that stop. The date itself is irrelevant, only the time is of interrest. 

We want to add a filter so that the user can display which stops tha have travel opportunities at for example 8 am or 01 pm. 

Is it possible to achieve this in some way?