Templates in Web Appbuilder don't preserve filter widgets

03-19-2019 04:34 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

The process for creating a web app template and then using it with a new web map is very cumbersome. We have a GDB schema that is used for various clients. We need this data QCed by a different department. They have requested multiple filters be included in a web app. Since the same GDB is used, we tried to create a template web app to use it with multiple web maps. Messages popped up saying various widgets would have to be rest. Therefore, we tried setting configurable parameters. This is very cumbersome and time consuming. Errors can easily be made. Our work flow requires this to be easy and quick. The word template sure makes this sound a lot easier and quicker than it is. This workaround is inconvenient and not very practical and  it affects our workflow. Hopefully someone can look into this and improve the process.

We then upload new data for QC, using the same GDB schema, and create a new Web App using the template. We redirect the url and layerid for EACH part of the widgets. 

Currently we have about 30 filters and we anticipate more. It would be really nice if web app builder could be redirected to a new map, and maintain the widgets since the GDB schema is the same without so much work.