Telecom Extension to ArcGIS

01-19-2012 12:33 PM
Status: Open
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I have used ArcInfo & ArcGIS since the early 90's.  I love the new ArcGIS software, but ESRI needs to work on creating industry specific extensions so customers dont need to go to another vendor who might/mght not do a successful implementation on top of ArcGIS for that insdustry.  I am at a new employer, a small Telecom company, which uses the M4 software package.  While it's impressive, and is geared specifically towards Telecom, I am going through ArcGIS withdrawal.  Seriously.  I would love to see an ArcGIS centric extension to address Telecom, as a direct competitor to the M4 product, as well as any other used for and by Telecos.  Any chance this is already in the works?  I miss my ArcGIS!
Check out OSPInSight
Check out the Telecom Resource Center. It has industry specific maps and apps (toolbars too).
Check out Sunvizion
Thanks.  Looking at Telvent and Palmetto Engineering (Crescent Link).  Both have their strengths.
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A little late to this post, but you should check out Enghouse's NetDesigner solution. . .