Synchronize map service descriptions with their source map services

12-31-2010 09:25 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

It'd be incredibly useful if contributors were given the option to automatically synchronize the descriptions of their map services with the descriptions associated with their respective ArcGIS Server map services.

Right now if I were to make a change to the map document properties associated with the source MXD for any given ArcGIS Server map service, save the MXD, then refresh the service and clear the REST cache, the updated description is updated automatically via my ArcGIS Server array's REST interface.  However in order to institute the same edit to the map service's record, my choices currently seem to be either to 1) delete and re-add the record to, or 2) go in and manually edit the description record.  Granted this process is not very time-consuming as it stands now, but it'd help further streamline the process of keeping records up-to-date.