Symbols and line types

02-23-2021 05:52 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to create the layers with the symbols and line types that are available and used with Pro. The same for labeling. The downgrading of these features makes it difficult to display content without contrast..

Multi line types for political boundaries.. Or adding Bike symbols or placard to lines for quick identifiers.

And using Maplex for labeling.

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Take a look at Hosted Image Layers. You can bring in all the symbology and labeling you're accustomed to in Pro over to a hosted web layer.


I must be missing something.. 

I want to create a city boundary with a wide solid line and a thinner dashed line.. Then create or published the web layer to my content..

Sorry for my ignorance.. I been using ArcMap for years with no problem.. 


The only way to currently use complex symbology in AGOL / Portal is to publish a Map Service. A Feature Service is restricted to what is possible in the ArcGIS JavaScript API's symbols.


I'd love to see at least different line shapes added to the ArcGIS Javascript symbols. Right now only arrowheads are supported, but I really need circles. This would help me show consistent symbology for stationing when two stations are connected by a line feature. 



Thank you for the consideration.