Symbol Property Editor on Map Viewer Beta

02-03-2021 08:27 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Ability to edit symbols on Map Viewer Beta. I am currently working on a Freight project and would like to be able to edit symbols on Map Viewer Beta and create visualizations please see attached . Currently the only way is creating mxd in ArcMap and publishing service through our server.  


Hey Wendy,

You can publish your own symbol to ArcGIS Online and use them in a symbol gallery so they are accessible to use anytime and can be used across multiple accounts.  This blog covers how to publish this symbol group (web style) to ArcGIS Online, it focuses on using vector symbols but your JPG can be used as well. A vector symbol will just give you a sharper symbol as it gets sized and looks great on high resolution displays.

Good morning Russell,
Thank you for your help and prompt response, I will follow the steps and advice. This is helpful.
Thank you and have a sunny day!