Switch default geocoder in each webapp

05-19-2015 05:47 AM
Status: Open
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Currently, you can only swtich the default geocoder universally, in the organizational menu. We would like the abiltiy to switch the default and save it to individual maps. Most of our maps are for internal use, so we use a customized geocoder. So, for most of our maps, we wouldn't need the ESRI default geocoder at all. However, we are starting to create some public maps, that cannot use our customized geocoder. The problem is, in the mobile applications, you cannot switch the default geocoder. In our public maps, it defaults to the customized geocoder that they are not able to use (it returns no results due to our firewall). We would like the ability to set the default for those public maps to the ESRI geocoder and not have the customized geocoders even show up.
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I have noticed that with the latest update you are able to change the default locator on some of the Mapping Applications (Basic being one of them) It would be nice to have that option on all of the templates.