Survey123 option to remove "Set as Favorite answers" in Survey form

01-31-2019 07:44 AM
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Whilst this functionality can be useful when used responsibly it can lead to complacency with users especially when the information collected is very repetitive. An option in settings before publishing the form  to choose if this button is available or not in the survey would be very useful.


I like this idea. It would be nice if this parameter could be set in the Settings tab of the XLSForm:

by Anonymous User

The Set as favorite answer can also help if you have multiple pathways within each survey. You can fill one out set as favorite and submit. Then with the new survey finished the remaining pathway your collecting. 


Any update on this for new release?

Survey123 option to remove "Set as Favorite answers" in Survey form


Liam Harrington-Missin genuinely just curious as to why you would not agree with having the option to not include this in a survey form?


We need the ability to reuse some answers from a previous survey.  Repeating all of the answers has the risk of creating unwanted duplicates.  

Instead of removing this feature, modify it so that it only saves the answers that were filled out when it was saved.  Currently, saved answers are overwritten with all of the answers that had been filled in when that survey is submitted.

Specifically, when you save favorite answers, keep it exactly as it is when saved and only add/change it if you save it again.  Then when you use it for additional surveys, it would only carry forward those answers you intended to repeat.