Support SVG Symbology in AGOL/Portal

05-01-2018 09:28 AM
Status: Open
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ArcGIS Online's built-in symbology is...not great. ArcGIS Pro allows you to use SVG files for your layer symbology, but when the publishing process rasterizes the symbol making resizing the symbol post-publishing pretty terrible.

If Esri instead supported the use of SVG symbols natively in ArcGIS Online and Portal, this would not be a problem at all. Esri should also convert all of their built-in symbology to SVG instead of PNG. the only place for a raster in a webmap these days is satellite imagery.


I couldn't agree more.  The support for SVG is quite poor across many of Esri's products still. 


I completely agree. I would also add the capability to view services in SVG format at least as an option. Since the capability is there and accessible through REST, at least for map services, it's a pity that we are stuck with the sub-par rendering of PNGs across the whole platform as a default, unless I am missing something

by Anonymous User

Will this be in next-gen AGOL? this could enable powerful data viz like QGIS


Not just symbology but universal SVG file support across the entire platform. Some examples that I can think of are thumbnails, uploaded image items (such as organization logos), Web App Builder/Experience Builder icons, etc..