Support "Statistics" on text columns in Map Viewer

04-09-2021 07:51 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

"Statistics" on columns in Map Viewer attribute tables is VERY handy.  But they are only available for numeric fields.  I very frequently find myself needing simple "statistics" for a categorical field.  All that is needed is a list of the values in the column with a count of the records for each value.


Mike, "Summarize" does this.  

In the attribute table, right-click on the field of interest and choose Summarize.  The resulting Summary Statistics table will contain the list of values and the frequency of each.



Thanks your your post. I do realize Summarize will do this. But it’s extra mouse clicks, takes you out of the table context, and it generates outputs I don’t need (and then have to manage). Often, a quick ephemeral list of the categories contained in a column and their counts is all I need. It’s really handy when doing data discovery and cleanup. Summarize just seems like overkill for these situations.

Best, Mike Koutnik