Support of analyze tools for Voxel Layers in Scene Viewer

09-20-2022 05:50 AM
Status: Open
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We have a 3D geological voxel model as a NetCDF which we managed to share as a Voxel Layer in a Scene through AGOL. The voxel model shows up nicely but when we use the analyze tools with the slice option it does not work for the voxel model. Only the DEM and features are sliced.

This is of course a bit disappointing as the whole purpose of showing the model is for the user to slice the model according to the area of interest combined with various GIS data such as boreholes, seismic cross sections etc.

From what we can see in the What's New in Scene Viewer (March 2022), the Analyze tools in Scene Viewer are not available with voxel layers. We would highly recommend that this will be a feature in the future.



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We can see that the newest version of AGOL now supports slicing of voxel models from uploaded NetCDF files. This is really good and an appreciated feature.

However, the partially visible sliced surface is not ideal for visualization. As seen on the screendump, it is difficult to ordinate the model, when the surface is still partially visible. The sliced layers should be either fully sliced away or there should be an option to decide if the sliced section is still partially visible.Screenshot 2023-03-10 223724.png