Support HTML target attribute in web map popups

03-30-2016 06:48 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

When configuring a web map popup, the interface allows access to the HTML tags. When creating a link from the popup, the default href target is "_blank"; changing the target to "_self" (or any other valid target) is ignored by ArcGIS Online--the resulting web map popup only supports "_blank". 

It would be great if changes made to the target attribute are respected by ArcGIS Online. 

I did find a workaround using the JavaScript API and an InfoWindow. The InfoWindow will not replace the _self or _parent attributes with _blank. Note that the popup window in the JavaScript API will replace the attributes.
In my opinion, this is important if a web map is to be embedding in a site. The current behaviour may make sense for a map-centric site, but if the map is intended to add value to a site, rather than be central, it is not ideal. For instance, I was asked to produce a web map to embed in a site that has information about a planning proposal. The site has text and images on various elements of the proposal. The map locates those elements. What I wanted was for the popups to link to anchors within site sub-pages so that if the popup is clicked through the browser jumps away from the map to the detailed descriptive text. Opening the content in new tabs instead (_blank) is clunky. I hope the workaround posted works, but this seems easy enough to support in HTML that we shouldn't be forced to use a workaround.