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Support for WebMap Beta grouped layers in WebApp

03-03-2021 11:11 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

MapViewer BETA supports the long-awaited Group Layer function, so you are able to hierarchically display multiple layers with relatively easy switching on and off.


You can use MapViewer BETA as a webmap in a WebApplication like the classic webmap. However, Group Layers are not supported and the layers are displayed as the classic webmap. Right now, you can not use Map Viewer BETA like a WebApplication, because a lot of features are missing, and you can't use WebApplication as you miss (Group Layers) functionality from the Map Viewer BETA.


I ask for Group Layer function (and other relevant functions) to be available in the WebApplication (or alternatively all/more functions from WebApplications to be included in MapViewer BETA)


WAB is a JS 3.x platform, and just isn't going to work with group layers like that. You're better off looking at Experience Builder or some of the JS 4.x Configurable Apps, as those will support nested groups in the layer list widget.


@jcarlson ok, that's sad for WAB. I will have a try into the Experience Builder or JS 4x Conf apps for features. Thanks for the explanation.


Could ESRI please comment if WAB will be 'updated' to a JS 4x platform in the future or if it will be discontinued?

Previously ESRI has stated that WAB will keep on existing alongside Experience Builder, however, there has been no word on a 'update' of WAB to JS 4x. Since ESRI has also stated that classic map viewer will be discontinued, I would naturally mean the end of WAB if WAB will not be a JS 4x platform in the future.
Since it has serious implications for organisations using WAB, I would like a comment from ESRI here so we can plan for the future as soon as possible.....