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09-29-2017 06:10 AM
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A support tech from ESRi told us about this beta web app, designed to enable JSON editing capability of ArcGIS Online web apps and maps:

ArcGIS Online Assistant 

We would love to see ESRI continue development of this tool and begin formal support! Our initial tests have been very positive, particularly with our dev - QA - production workflow of ArcGIS Online web apps. This tool makes it really fast and easy to save and reuse the info window popup configurations, as one example.  Please continue the good work on this!


I have been using it for a while and it has proved valuable to me. Beyond just supporting it, I wish the functions would just be bundled into AGOL and into any stock Portal install. 


I have used this tool several times (12 or more) and it is extremely helpful and useful when it gets used. 


We would like to see this formally supported through Esri Technical Support. Until that time I will say that the support provided by Esri staff through GitHub has been overall quick and comprehensive.


It's interesting that the most useful (and functioning) ESRI tools are either unsupported dev tools, or third-party add-ins. It's like "Dealer Equipped Options", only you have to get the dealer to equip the optional engine, wheels,........


Idk about that. There's some real garbage in the Esri Marketplace. I think most of Esri's tools function fairly well but would agree that when it rains, it pours. 

I've been thinking about this and you know, AGO Assistant is already supported by Esri via GitHub as Paul Hoeffler‌ mentioned. The last commit was on May 3 as of this writing. Given that, I'm not sure what we're asking for here. Do we want AGO Assistant turned into an official product? If so, be careful what you wish for because if they do that, who is to say it wouldn't be a 'premium app'?

When I first encountered ArcGIS Monitor a few years ago when it was called 'Service Monitor' and only available through the EEAP or a Professional Service Engagement, I lobbied Esri to productize it and make it available to everyone. Lo and behold they took me up on that and its now an officially supported Esri product. Of course, it ain't free anymore either.

Back in the day, it wasn't exactly free either. You had to use EEAP Credits or do a ProServices engagement to get 'Service Monitor' installed initially. One that was done though, you could either continue using EEAP Credits or ProServices engagements to have Esri update it for you, or you could download the code and update it yourself as new releases came out. Now that its an official product, you gotta pay for it.

All I'm saying is, AGO Assistant is already supported through an official, open source channel that makes it free for everyone. If you want AGO Assistant to be 'officially supported' (whatever that means), just be prepared to go through an 'official procurement process' to obtain it.

I am deleting my previous statement on this post and am down voting this idea now that I've given it more thought.

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Yes. We would love to see it supported. I use it for production because there is no other option to edit webmaps so I would like to not see an Unsupported warning and be able to collaborate with Tech Support if any questions arise.


We use the tool all the time to replace services in apps and it would be great if it became formally recognized and enhanced.