Submit button for ArcGIS Online Map and Web App Builder Application when submitting edits or updates

12-29-2014 02:21 PM
Status: Open
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When a user clicks the edit functionality and adds a feature to the map and finishes adding information to the feature have a button that is enabled that says "submit" that will close out the pop up window.  I have noticed that some of my users get confused when they finish adding fetures.  It is not very intuitive to have delete and close as the two buttons.  It is easy for me to understand to just close the pop up but some of my users are not as bright.

I have exactly the same issue. Non GIS people using the map that get nervous wether there changes really have been implemented. They miss a save or submit button to confirm there changes. 
Same here: although the data might be saved on the fly, people still expect a Save / Submit / Finish button next to the Delete button.
Yes and move the Apply and Delete buttons further apart in dialogs for Editing Web Maps/Applications
In addition to the UI comments previously stated; WAB, Collector, the AGO Map, and other editing Esri apps should all open records and write attributes consistently.  We need to kick off actions with GeoEvent Processor after a feature is created and when the apps all do their own thing regarding adding a record and writing attributes it makes this difficult.  For our purposes it would be nice if the record is created and the attributes are written all at the same time via a submit button.